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Teddy Bridgewater To Go Through ESPN's 'Car Wash'


Those of us in desperate need of a football fix (pretty much everyone reading this as well as the dude writing it) will be in for a nice treat tomorrow, as Teddy Bridgewater's glorious mug will be all over ESPN from 9-4 on Monday.

On his way up to the AAC's media day on Tuesday, Bridgewater will be stopping off in Bristol, CT to go through ESPN's "Car Wash." The Car Wash is an exercise where an athlete hits up as many ESPN programs as possible in one day.

Here's Teddy's schedule for tomorrow:

9:40 a.m.: SportsCenter

10 a.m.: Photo Shoot

10:30 a.m.: First Take

10:50 a.m.: PR

11:15 a.m.: Digital Media

11:40 a.m.: SportsCenter

1:10 p.m.: Highly Questionable

1:40 p.m.: SportsCenter

2:15 p.m.: SVP & Russillo

2:30 p.m.: CFB Live

2:45 p.m.: ESPNU

3:00 p.m.: SC Tonight Radio

3:15 p.m.: SportsCenter

3:30 p.m.: Coach and Company

Not a bad deal for both Louisville and Teddy's non-existent Heisman campaign.