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Digger Phelps: The Least Cool Person Of 2012-13

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Nantz voice on

It may not be an Olympic year, but a Phelps is once again the best in the world this summer. DIGGER is your least cool person of 2012-13.

Nantz voice off

In the most-voted on finals in LCPT history, Digger Phelps managed to hold off his ESPN compadre, Kirk Herbstreit by a final tally of 1,470-914.

Truly an earned victory.


The plaque (we really need to make one) of champions now looks like this:

2008 - Larry Taylor
2009 - Mitch Barnhart
2010 - Steve Kragthorpe
2011 - Brandon Bender
2012 - Doug Gottlieb
2013 - Digger Phelps

Thanks to all who participated in this most sacred of summer traditions.