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Report: Michael Dyer Has Picked A School

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Jonathan Ferrey

At the Governor's Cup Luncheon on Wednesday afternoon, Charlie Strong was asked a question about the staff's willingness to take in players who have had issues at other programs and get them to straighten up and fly right.

Before the question had even finished being asked, a smile came across Strong's face.

"No one in particular?" Strong asked the questioner, still smiling. "Just sayin'?"

The question was obviously a reference to former Auburn star Michael Dyer, who has been increasingly linked to U of L in some capacity over the past couple of weeks.

When later asked directly by Cardinal Authority's Jody Demling whether or not the program had added a new player, Strong said that it had not. Still, the common thought among many Louisville fans and members of the local media is that there as an implied "yet" at the end of that response.

A feature piece on Dyer from that was published Thursday afternoon has guaranteed that the speculation surrounding Dyer and the Cards isn't going to die down until an official announcement is made one way or the other.

The entire feature is worthy of your attention if you're looking to get a detailed look at Dyer's background, but Louisville fans are probably going to be most-interested in what is said at the tail end of the story.

Dyer had a couple options for the final step of his rebranding. There was a Tyrann Mathieu path: admit an addiction, go to rehab, and hope pro stardom eventually changes the narrative. ("Mathieu continues to raise red flags in NFL circles.") One general manager told Hill that if Dyer had entered the draft last spring, he would be a fifth-round pick.

But Dyer thought college offered a fuller redemption. "I want to clear my name," he said. "I'm going back and learning everything I should have learned, that I should have stayed and listened to, that I should have been awakened to."

After he left Arkansas State, Dyer's phone didn't ring much. But last October, USA Today's George Schroeder published a long and vivid story about Dyer's life at Arkansas Baptist. Colleges began to offer scholarships. Dyer has picked one - a big, D-I school, he said, where he can play starting next month. "It's a school where he can replicate and duplicate," said Hill.

If you're looking at the schools that Dyer has been linked to over the past couple of weeks, Louisville is really the only one (no offense, South Florida) that fits the description of "a big, D-I school" where he would have the opportunity to "replicate and duplicate."

Stay tuned.