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Pistons May Ask Peyton Siva To Play Overseas For A Year

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Peyton Siva did everything he possibly could have over the past three weeks to make the Detroit Pistons roster, but it still might not be enough. At least for now.

After adding veteran point guard Chauncey Billups last week, the Pistons are set to enter the 2013-14 season with the NBA maximum of 15 players under contract. That makes Siva the odd man out for the time being, although the Pistons brass still sees a future for him in Detroit.

Siva to Europe?: The Pistons have until Sept. 6 to tender an offer for next season to No. 56 overall draft pick Peyton Siva and Dumars said he has had discussions with the player's agent about all the possibilities, including Siva agreeing to play overseas in 2013-14 so the Pistons could retain his rights. "We liked him a lot," in summer league, Dumars said of Siva. "He had a great showing and he's someone that we have a great interest in either keeping or retaining his rights."

Being stashed in Europe for a year seems a bit unfair to Siva, who certainly appeared NBA-ready during the Orlando Summer League earlier this month. If the Pistons have decided that they drafted a player they don't need, then I'm pretty sure Peyton's going to be able to find a home somewhere else.

Sooner or later, Peyton Siva is going to be an NBA player. I think the last couple of weeks removed any doubt on that front.