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Gorgui Dieng Gets Paid

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Andy Lyons

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced Monday that they have officially signed Gorgui Dieng to his first professional contract.

Though the terms of the contract were not disclosed, the NBA's rookie pay scale indicated that The Gorgster will likely be making $1,352,640 in his first season with the T-Wolves. The contract is for four years, with the third and fourth years slotted as team options.

Basically, Gorgui has a guaranteed two-year deal with Minnesota that will pay him somewhere in the ballpark of $2.7 million. Not bad.

The most popular man in Louisville made his professional debut on Saturday, where he gave NBA fans a brief taste of what we've come to know and love over the past three years.

Gorgui and the Wolves (Ga Ga Ga Gorgui and the Wolves) are back on the court tonight at 6:30.