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Quentin Snider And JaQuan Lyle Show Out At Adidas Invitational

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Remember when Louisville didn't have a legitimate guard besides Peyton Siva either on the team or committed to play for the program?

With the emergence of Russ Smith, the additions of Chris Jones, Anton Gill and Terry Rozier, and the commitments of five-star prospects JaQuan Lyle and Quentin Snider, those days seem awfully distant.

The last two members of that group are currently playing on the same team at the 2013 Adidas Invitational, and on Wednesday night they put on a nice little show in front of their future head coach. City League Hoops has the highlights:

It's scary to think that all of that is from one game.

A lot of unforeseeable things can happen in college basketball, but as of this moment, Louisville is in a position where it looks like it will be a legitimate national title contender for at least the next three seasons. I'm not sure I've ever been able to honestly say that in my lifetime, which is pretty cool to think about.