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2012-13 Least Cool Person Tournament: Digger Phelps Vs. Munchie Legaux

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Rap Sheet:

--Making his fourth career Least Cool Person Tournament appearance, which puts him at No. 1 on the all-time list.

--Despite his numerous appearances, Phelps' career LCPT record is just 1-3.

--Picked against Louisville in every Big East Tournament and NCAA Tournament game right up until the Final Four.

--Got extremely defensive after Rick Pitino took a light-hearted (but completely deserved) shot at his ability to do his job.

--Was the lone member of the national media to predict that Louisville would lose before the Elite Eight.




Rap Sheet:

--Former Cincinnati quarterback making his debut LCPT appearance.

--Said the following during the week of his team's game against Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville:

Media: What do you think of Teddy Bridgewater, when you watch him play? Have you seen him play?
Munchie: (Chuckles) He a pretty good player. You know, he a pretty good player. He make a lot of plays for those guys, you know. His passing efficiency is really high, you know. He takes care of the football. He is a team leader so he is a pretty good quarterback.

Media: Do you think you are similar players at all?
Munchie: I'm better.

Media: You're better?
Munchie: I'm better.

Media: Ok. You get a chance to prove it Friday night.
Munchie: Ya. Hey, well he'll see Friday night.

--Wound up completing just 13 of 28 passes and threw three interceptions in his team's loss to Louisville. Bridgewater, meanwhile, threw for 416 yards despite some extremely bad weather.

--Was benched in November.

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