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Russ Smith Spends Time With Fellow Mythical Creatures

Streeter Lecka

Ever since a post-national championship trip to the Louisville Zoo with his friends (the best kind of trip to the Zoo), Russ Smith has taken to referring to himself as "The Myth" on various forms of social media.

Why? In Smith's own words:

It all started when I went to the Zoo with a bunch of my boys - Dark Slime and my boy D Bomb - and we had a really nice time. Man, we seen some animals that we didn't even know existed. So, we're just having a lot of fun or something.

I think that's how most nicknames are spawned.

Anyway, Russ spent some time with some more mythical creatures and some very real young human beings on Wednesday at the Frazier History Museum. There, he signed autographs, answered questions, and competed in a mythical creatures game show. Because national championship.

When asked if he sees himself as a mythical creature akin to a mermaid or unicorn, Smith erred on the side of agreement.

"Sometimes I feel like things that I do sometimes is like, did that just happen? Or did he just get away with that?"

Never leave.

WHAS has the video: