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Two Louisville Football Ticket Opportunities Are Available

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Here's the word from the ticket office:

Don't miss this opportunity to purchase tickets to the University of Louisville football games!! There are currently 2 opportunities available: 2013 Football Season tickets and tickets to the UK vs. UL football game in Commonwealth Stadium.

UL vs. UK Football Tickets: All tickets will read as GA (general admission) when ordering. Seat locations will be based on priority points and assigned at a later date. In an effort to provide the best seating options to all our fans, any request of more than 4 tickets will be split into two groups. You will be given four tickets in the best seating location based on your priority point total and the other tickets will located in the next seating tier. All away game tickets will be mailed.

To order tickets, please log in to your My Cardinal Account. To ensure your priority points are taken into consideration please make sure you are logging into your CAF account.

2013 Season Tickets: There are also a limited number of 2013 Football Season tickets available on My Cardinal Account. For more information visit If you have any questions please call the Ticket Office at 502-852-5151 OR