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The Louisville Cardinals Are Headed To The College World Series


So I know we all thought we were done with this sort of thing for a while, but who's up for one more road trip? I hear Omaha is fetching this time of year.

Thanks to a two-game sweep of No. 2 overall seed Vanderbilt, Louisville is headed to the College World Series for the second time in program history. The Cardinals sealed the deal on Sunday with a gritty 2-1 win over the Commodores that embodied the gritty nature of Dan McDonnell's team.

The Cards will head to Omaha still without a loss in NCAA Tournament play. They'll look to keep that mark in tact next Saturday when they face an Indiana team they have a 1-2 record against this season.

I know we're all aware of this, but when you lay out everything that's happened over the past eight months...

--Soccer Elite 8

--Charlie Strong spurning the SEC

--Getting into the ACC

--Winning the Sugar Bowl

--Winning the national championship in men's basketball

--Making the championship game in women's basketball

--Making the College World Series

I mean...this is f---ing unheard of. And that's not just hyperbole, those last four things have legitimately never been done by another athletic program in a single sports season.

I'm good with replacing "2013" with "Jurich" in all aspects of life. Checks, calendars, casual conversations; it might lead to some confusion and potentially some legal issues, but it's worth it...and more importantly, it's justified.

And the Year of the Cardinal isn't over yet. Making it to Omaha six years ago felt like winning a national championship. This group has what it takes to make the real thing happen.

Let's win it all.