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2014 AAC Tournament Will Likely Be Played In Memphis

Stacy Revere

The worst-kept secret in college basketball right now is that the 2014 American Athletic Conference Tournament will be played in Memphis. All that's left is the formal announcement, which should be coming soon.

American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco visited FedExForum on Wednesday and will, barring a major change of plans, announce "sooner rather than later" that his league's first men's basketball tournament will be played in Memphis' downtown arena, a source told

The dates are expected to be March 12-15.

For those who don't have the 2014 calendar memorized yet, that's a Wednesday-Saturday tournament.

Let's see...a conference Memphis.....when was the last know what? I'm not even going to waste time with a joke. Just going to give the people what they want.

I can't think of a better (realistic) place to have a conference tournament in this one, odd limbo year.

I would gladly sport an AAC tournament champions shirt proudly throughout summer 2014.

Also, since it's almost Friday...