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Zach Price Appears To Be Leaving Louisville

Andy Lyons

In addition to discussing the image of himself on a Maker's Mark bottle, Rick Pitino also took a moment to discuss the potential transfer of rising junior center Zach Price.

The former Jeffersontown standout not showing up for summer classes led Pitino to remark, "I'd say he's gone." Pitino also hinted that the Cards might be making a later addition to their roster if this is, in fact, the case.

Price himself then removed any doubt this afternoon.

Say what you will about Price's on-court play, the kid was a world-class teammate. After going from starting early in the season when Gorgui went down to not seeing the floor at all from mid-January on, he could have easily pouted and become a distraction to the rest of the team. Instead, he always appeared enthusiastic and was as animated on the bench as any Cardinal on the roster. I truly believe you have to have those types of guys in order for a team to hit its ceiling.

Best of luck to Zach going forward. You'll always be a national champion.