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Your 2012-13 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament Field

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The people have typing out an insane number of comments on one post from a team-specific sports website.

As previously predicted, the downturn in uncoolness caused by the Year of the Cardinal is forcing us to downgrade from a 16-entity to an 8-entity tournament. That said, here is the vaunted field that will make up your 2012-13 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament:

--ESPN commentator Digger Phelps
--Former Ohio State President Gordon Gee
--ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit
--Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey
--Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart
--The Card Chronicle GIF of the Year Contest
--Munchie Legaux

As for the eighth and final spot, I'm leaving it up to you. As of right now, defending champion Doug Gottlieb and three-time reigning runner-up John Calipari are both out of the field. You can change that, or you can vote in one of the other worthy contenders.

The polls will close and an eighth participant will be decided in 24 hours.