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Gorgui Thinks Louisville Will Be 'A Better Team This Year'


In 40 years, I think there's a real chance that the image the children of Louisville will have of Santa Claus will be eerily reminiscent of Gorgui Dieng. That's how much the man likes to give.

First, he's giving great stories and good feelings. Then he's giving endless entertainment. Next he's giving a national championship. And now he's giving hope for the future.

Here's what The Gorgster had to say about the 2013-14 Louisville Cardinals when asked by Adam Zagoria:

"I think they're going to have a better team this year," the 6-foot-11 Dieng said Tuesday following his Knicks workout.

"It's tough to believe but I think they're going to have a better team. They have a lot of guards and the biggest guy on the team is 6-8. So they're going to do the things that they are known (for), which is like press, press more, press more because they have a lot of guards. Last year we had a lot of bigs but this year we have more guards. We have four, five guys coming in."

Gorgui also waxed poetic about the differences, in his eyes, between the great teams at Kentucky and Louisville.

"Kentucky always have a chance to win it," Dieng said of the Wildcats and their historic incoming recruiting class, highlighted by Julius Randle and Andrew and Aaron Harrison.

"They always have the best players and always, I don't want to say best players, they always have the chance but are they going to be a team? We don't know. You can have a lot of pieces but it's tough to have a team."

By contrast, Dieng said Louisville, which doesn't have a single one-and-done talent, is more of a team.

"We always have a team. we always have a team," he said. "Thats what Coach ‘P' is all about - team. He doesn't care who you are . You can be the best player but if you do something wrong, he's going to sit you down. If you're body fat is over nine percent, you won't play."

I'm totally fine with a Senegalese Santa.