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Rick Pitino Offers Tidbits On Terry Meiners Show

Andy Lyons

Rick Pitino made a brief appearance on the Terry Meiners Show Thursday afternoon and discussed a number of things that should interest Cardinal fans.

Here are the highlights:

--The Cards had their third day of individuals Thursday afternoon, and so far things look good.

--U of L has purchased the court that it won the national championship on and will be selling pieces of it to raise money for charity.

--If the season started today then Montrezl Harrell would be starting at center and Chane Behanan would be starting at the four.

--Behanan didn't come around last season until February, and he's vowed that won't happen again this season. He's not in great playing shape right now, but he will be.

--Montrezl Harrell is the opposite of the sophomore jinx, he's been working his butt off and dominating practice.

--Russ knows that he is going to have to play point guard in the NBA and so he's working really hard to improve his assit:turnover ratio. He's also trying to get his three-point and field goal percentages up.

--Peyton's had great workouts and he's going to be drafted somewhere in the second round. People have been blown away by his work ethic and character.

--Gorgui has had great workouts as well. He's going to be drafted somewhere between 12-22, which is a large gap, so a lot of things could happen.

--Pitino is headed out to Omaha where he'll watch the Cards play in the College World Series on Monday.