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Pitino: A Tribute Video

Just when you think the Crum's Revenge masterpieces will be on hiatus for at least a few months, he hits you over the head with this splendificence.

Here's some background info on the video:

A good friend of Pitino "hired" me to make him a video (as a surprise). I say "hired" because there is no way I would charge to make a video for the man who brought us a national title.

He wanted some shinning moments, and YES a Pitbull song. I love that the Pitino-Pitbull bromance is a real thing.

They had a dinner last night, set up a projector and let the
good times roll.

There was too much to use, and even much hard to find, but i think it turned out pretty good for the man who made good on his promise to Louisville fans when he was hired.

That promise was: "Return Louisville to National Prominence".

That he did.

Hope you like.

Oh I like.