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Ohio State President Takes Shot At Louisville

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee has caused a major stir on Thursday with the release of past derogatory comments he has made against multiple institutions, including the University of Louisville.

Here's the relevant portion of Gee's inappropriateness:

During his comments to the Athletic Council, Gee also questioned the academic integrity of schools in the Southeastern Conference, and the University of Louisville.

The top goal of Big Ten presidents is to "make certain that we have institutions of like-minded academic integrity," Gee said. "So you won't see us adding Louisville," a member of the Big East conference that is also joining the ACC.

After a pause followed by laughter from the audience, Gee added that the Big Ten wouldn't add the University of Kentucky, either.

I'm not going to take that from someone who wears scarves indoors. Maybe from someone who wears scarves outdoors, but definitely not from someone who wears scarves indoors. It's also sort of hilarious since Gee is the president of a school with maybe the most scandalous football program in the country.

Gee was also caught taking shots at Notre Dame, Catholics, the SEC and Polish people. The AP says Gee is currently undergoing a "remediation plan" following the remarks...because apparently he's a 3-year-old.