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Phil Steele Names 18 Cardinals All-AAC

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Steele's preview magazine is the latest that has begun to leak out on the Internet, and it shouldn't come as much surprise that Steele likes Louisville to win the AAC. Not only that, but Steele believes the league's all-conference teams will be dominated by Cardinals.

In all, Steele names 18 Cardinals All-AAC, and has seven on his first team.

Here are the details:

First Team
Teddy Bridgewater, QB
DeVante Parker, WR
Gerald Christian, TE
Roy Philon, DT
Preston Brown, LB
Calvin Pryor, S
Hakeem Smith, S

Second Team
Jake Smith, OG
John Wallace, K

Third Team
Dominique Brown, RB
John Miller, OG
Jamon Brown, OT
Lorenzo Mauldin, DE
Jamaine Brooks, OT
Marcus Smith, DE
Terell Floyd, CB

Fourth Team
Damian Copeland, WR
Keith Brown, LB

Cincinnati (14) had the next highest number of players honored.