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Where Every Mock Draft Has Gorgui Dieng Being Picked

Andy Lyons

Last night's lottery draw solidified the order for the 2013 NBA Draft, and meant every major sports news outlet had to update their mock drafts. It also meant some moving and shaking for Louisville's most popular man, who continues to be projected as a mid-first round pick by nearly every person who gets paid to make such prognostications.

Here's where every outlet worth a salt currently has The Gorgster landing.

SB Nation: Oklahoma City Thunder (Pick 12)

Sports Illustrated: Boston Celtics (Pick 16) Atlanta Hawks (Pick 18)

Draft Express: Chicago Bulls (Pick 20)

ESPN: Chicago Bulls (Pick 20)

CBS: New York Knicks (Pick 24) New York Knicks (Pick 24)

Would love to see Gorgui go in the lottery, and I would not hate the nickname "Thunder Gorgs" one bit. Although if I'm being completely honest, whichever team picks Gorgui is going to be getting a new fan.