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John Calipari On Louisville's National Title: 'We Won One First'

J. Meric

John Calipari appeared on Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt Jones this morning and gave standard coach answers on the topics of his incoming freshmen class, what happened last season and how he feels about Andrew Wiggins heading to Kansas. He also talked a little bit about Louisville winning the national title, hurling large praise in the direction of Peyton SIva and Rick Pitino.

But he just couldn't let that be the end of it.

"Guys had to stay healthy, you had to have a little luck, they had it all," Caipari said. "Rick coached his butt off. They played exactly how they have to play. And you know what? That happens. But the good news for us and this program is that we won one first."

It was a somewhat ironic comment given that literally one sentence later he talked about the way he's constantly telling his fans that what happens to Louisville doesn't affect Big Blue Nation unless they let it. Of course the irony shouldn't be that surprising considering that Calipari also discussed about the importance of not throwing players under the bus just one day after saying: "With what I just went through, I wanted a tough point guard."

Man, what a victim.

As much as I dislike just about everything that's happening in Lexington right now, I couldn't love it more for the state of the rivalry. But the thing is, it can't stay this hot forever. You get the feeling that one day we're going to be looking back and pulling the "you just can't understand it if you weren't around" card when talking about the intensity of these past few years. And there's a very large chance that it all comes to a head next season.

The other crazy thing is that the success both programs are having right now almost makes the December game itself less meaningful than it's ever been in my lifetime. The losing fan base always puts on their "wait 'til March" face immediately after the final horn sounds, but that face is going to be more genuine this year than it has been in any other. I think everyone is heading into this season thinking that there's a very real chance that Louisville and Kentucky are going to play twice, and that's pretty fantastic.

Here's the interview: