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Russ Smith Confirms That He Plans To Enter The NBA Draft

Andy Lyons

During an interview with Bruce Pearl on the "College Sports Nation" radio program, Louisville guard Russ Smith confirmed that he plans to forego his final year of college eligibility and enter the NBA Draft.

The news of Smith's early departure was first reported by Sports Illustrated, which received word from Smith's father, Russ Smith Sr.

"When you go out, you want to go out with a national championship," Smith Sr. said. "He's got five rings: back-to-back Big East, back-to-back Final Four, national championship. What other way to go out?"

So that's it?

"That's it."

He's gone?

"He's gone."

As much as I hate this and don't feel like addressing it this close to the greatest moment of my life as a sports fan, it's hard to blame Russ here. His stock is never going to be higher than it is right now, even if he's not projected to be a first round pick.

Russ brought a national title (as well as an endless amount of entertainment) to Louisville. He's done more than enough for all of us.