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Karl Hess Among Officials Working Louisville - Wichita State


The NCAA has announced the trio of officials working tonight's Louisville/Wichita State game, and it's not exactly the news Cardinal fans were hoping to hear.

Terry Wymer, Les Jones and...Karl Hess...will be on the call.

The third member of that group, you may remember, hit Rick Pitino with two highly questionable technical fouls last season, the second coming in Louisville's Elite 8 win over Florida. He's also just straight awful.

Hess has only had te whistle for one U of L game this year: the Cards' 73-58 win at Connecticut on Jan. 14. On the other hand, Hess has worked 10 games this season in which a top 25 team has been upset. Man has a thing for the underdog.

Nerves just shot up a little bit.