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Louisville promotional poster giveaway

In honor of the Final Four and Louisville's closing in on a national championship, we're giving away a free commemorative poster to one fan.

In honor of Louisville's run to a second consecutive Final Four and possibly its third national championship, the good folks at Sports Poster Warehouse reached out to us to offer one Card Chronicle member their choice of any one poster in their selection of over 10,000 posters. The contest is simple, below I'll show you six Louisville themed posters that Sports Poster Warehouse offers, in the comments section, just tell us which one you think is best and way. You can be funny, you can witty, or you can be deadly serious like me. The comment Mike and I like best will win a free poster. Simple, right?

Here are the six

1. KFC Yum! Center Panorama.

2.Louisville Cardinals Basketball Through the Years.

3.2012 Final Four Poster.

4.Freedom Hall Commemorative Poster.

5.University of Louisville Logo Poster.

6.2013 Final Four Poster.