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Wichita State Previews Roundup (UPDATED)

Some people better at this than I am did some previews.


Same as last week, I could not bring myself to put together a preview post for Saturday's game (or my god the national championship) because I really can't think rationally about any of this, and, like many, I have become emotionally exhausted from, you know, just, everything. I sound like GCA but then again, aren't we all GCA?

See what I mean? This is terrible.

Anyway, to the extent I can come up with coherent thoughts on Saturday's game these are them: make open shots, rebound, and no foul trouble for Siva and Russ! If we play our A game, we win. If WSU shoots 12-25 from 3 and we shoot 2-13, then it could be heartbreak.

But some people who are better at this than I am have written more in depth, and you should read them:

First, the fine folks at Mid-Major Majority say that WSU needs to get hot from 3. At the mothership, Bill Connelly breaks down his 5 keys to the game. Finally, the always great Mark Blankenbaker (aka Sheriff50) takes a detailed look at players and matchups.

The journey ends in Atlanta one way or another. Only one thing to do.

Rick? Thoughts?



*** UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE *** has a great piece asking coaches who have played them about Wichita State. They did one on us that was quite interesting as well, although somewhat dated based on when in the season some of the stuff came from.