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Thursday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

Forget just one day, Vivian and Brooks have been celebrating "Ware Red Week." But seriously, wear red on Friday.

Spread check: Louisville by 10.5.

Kevin Ware will be delivering the Top Ten on "The Late Show With David Letterman" this evening.

Via Drew Deener, here he is preparing:


So Jay Bilas.

Speaking of Deener, the word on the street is that his radio show is moving from 790 to 680, where Deener will also be taking over as vice president.

Local sports radio gossip. Don't act like it isn't why you come here.

The Wall Street Journal's story on the eating habits of the Louisville players is worth your time.

Cardinals guard Russ Smith, the tournament's leading scorer and odds-on favorite for Most Outstanding Player, is a loyal customer of Waffle House-where, he says, he likes to order a waffle, scrambled eggs with cheese, grits with sugar, two sausages and either "hot tea with three creams" or, if it's Sunday, a cup of coffee.

For lunch, Smith says he might order the cheesesteak melt with hash browns and fruit punch. "It's ridiculous how he performs with all that sugar," Louisville center Stephan Van Treese said.

The piece also produces one of the quotes of the year from Chane Behanan.

Given his 6-foot-6, 250-pound frame, forward Chane Behanan looks like the sort of kid who ate every last leaf of spinach on his dinner plate growing up. But during the basketball season, he says he's less likely to get his calories from vegetables than from another food group-one that includes honey buns, Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and, above all else, Cheetos. "It's like a wife," Behanan said of his junk food. "I'm married to her, and I can't break up with her, but sometimes I have to forget about her."

None of my 17 daughters are allowed to marry Chane Behanan.

A major congratulations to Richard Pitino on being hired as the new head coach at Minnesota on Wednesday. I think we all knew Richard was on a path to stardom, I just don't think any of us would thought it would happen so soon.

Best of luck to him and the Gophers in the Big Ten. Don't be afraid to run it up on Crean.

And now to hit our Lion King meme quota for the evening.




Kevin Ware, the shy, quiet guard whom even Louisville fans didn't know that much about, has suddenly become a national inspiration.

So, this is cool.

This sort of reminds me of the end of Jerry Maguire when Drew Bledsoe sees the relationship Jerry and Rod have and he asks Jay Mohr why they don't have that type of relationship and then Jay Mohr tries to hug him and Drew is like "nice try, pal" and then everybody laughs. Did you guys...didja guys see Jerry Maguire?

Pretty sure I just single-handedly lost us Lyles and Lyle.

Adam Himmelsbach of the C-J talks about Luke Hancock's instinctive reaction following the Kevin Ware injury.

A couple of events for those headed to Atlanta.

First, on Friday:


And then (hopefully) on Sunday:


So the people at the Empire State Building (which has people) sent me a press release today, which read in part:

The Empire State Building will celebrate the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four on Saturday, April 6, 2013, by shining its world-famous tower lights in each of the four teams' colors, then in the winning teams' colors following the games.

Beginning at sunset on Saturday, ESB will shine its four sides for each team:

  • North Side: Syracuse University (orange and blue)
  • East Side: University of Michigan (navy blue and yellow)
  • South Side: University of Louisville (red and white)
  • West Side: Wichita State (yellow and black)

Following the games, ESB will shine its north and south sides for the winner of University of Louisville vs. Wichita State, and its east and west sides for the winner of Syracuse University vs. University of Michigan.

A special, interactive lighting will be held for the championship game on Monday, April 8.

Uhh, wasn't the major selling point for Syracuse during conference realignment the fact that it was "New York's school?" I'm just saying it would be weird to see a shot the Empire Stadium lit up half red and half Orange on Monday night if the Cards and 'Cuse both win on Saturday.

Also, can we not change the purple lights on the Second Street Bridge? I swear.

From the same dudes who brought us "The Battle of New Orleans 2012" a year ago, it's "Cardinal Cannonball 2013." It's a toe-tapper.

The African map on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" was damn near impossible.

If you're looking for the "Win it or Kevin" shirts that Ware and his mother were wearing on Wednesday, then Smack Apparel has you covered.

"Andrew Wiggins, you might be the best high school basketball player in the history of the sport...could we get you to pose with these two grown men dressed as Grimace and the Hamburgler real quick?"


There's been some serious controversy over the fact that people are profiting off of Kevin Ware's injury, but Louisville has made it known that they are not keeping any of the profits made from any of the Ware tribute gear.

Luke Hancock talks to USA Today about supporting Kevin Ware in his moment of need.

Bill Connelly breaks down five things that Wichita State needs to do if it wants to stun Louisville.

Guess which player on the team was most excited about airport popcorn.


A lot of folks have expressed anger over the fact that their Sports Illustrated has been the one with Tiger Woods on the cover and not Kevin Ware. Well I've been told that each local Kroger has received 100 copies of the Ware cover issue, but once those are gone, they're gone.

Just like they did with Louisville earlier in the season, CBS talks to anonymous coaches who have faced Wichita State this season and asks them about the Shockers' strengths and weaknesses.


"It was their shooting. They had been shooting 33 percent as a team, but Baker didn't play a lot and he's made a huge difference. They've shot it really well lately, so I'm not sure if that's their weakness now. It may be low-post scoring. They don't have a back-to-the-basket guy. Carl Hall uses angles."

"You need to make them beat you with the 3-pointer. Adding Baker has helped and their shooting has improved, but still ... they aren't a great shooting team."

"Outside shooting, although they have shot it well in the tourney. Baker coming back has really helped them, especially in the tournament."

How to stop them

"Keep them out of the lane and off the boards. If they are making 3s, you have to extend your defense on certain guys. You have to keep them out of the lane, because if you don't it'll lead to offensive boards and open shots."

"You have to contain Armstead penetration. You can't give open 3s to Early and Baker. You have to battle them on boards and you can't put them on the line."

"What you need to do is pack the paint and make sure, the best you can, to keep the ball out of the paint. You need to limit post touches. If you get them to miss, you must get the rebound. One and done."

"Pack it in the paint and make gang defensive rebounding your top priority. They have to score on garbage baskets and broken plays to be effective."

In case you hadn't heard the news, Louisville will be playing in the AAC (no typo) next season.

Rick Bozich with a good story on Ralph Willard and the tale of him convincing Rick Pitino to take on unheralded recruit Russ Smith.

The Sporting News says that Louisville's backcourt options are slim with Kevin Ware out.

Hendo, quick thoughts?



The early word out of Atlanta is that Louisville and Michigan fans are already making quite an impression. Syracuse and Wichita State? Not so much.

Have you guys heard about Tom Jurich?

If you own a Card Chronicle Bird Mask and will be in Atlanta tomorrow morning, well, this is pretty much a no-brainer.

Reaching out to you in hopes that you can help me spread the word to any fans traveling to Atlanta for the Final Four.

This Friday, HLN's "Morning Express with Robin Meade" will be broadcasting LIVE from the CNN Atrium, right in front of the big bracket.

We will be live from 6-10 a.m. and want to get as many fans to join us as possible.

Just Kevin and Scar being Kevin and Scar.


And finally, go Cards, beat Wichita State.