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Rick Pitino And John Calipari Kick It


Drake's is an interesting place. On weeknights and during the day on weekends, it's a pretty cool place with solid food and a nice enough variety of booze to make it an attractive day-drinking locale. On Friday and Saturday nights around 9:30, however, it begins the metamorphosis into this strange, hideous place inhabited only by men with what appear to be dragons on their t-shirts, young, promiscuous women, old, promiscuous women...and frightened normal people who never saw the change coming.

The Lexington location was also the site of an apparent Rick Pitino/John Calipari bro-fest on Monday night...or something like that. The two head coaches were both in the building where a mutual friend used to work, and posed for this picture (via Kentucky Sports Radio).


Most recent national champion gets the bigger smile.