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Mayor Fischer Declares Friday 'Cardinal Red Day' In Louisville

Mayor Greg Fisher has declared Friday, April 5 to be "Cardinal Red Day" in Louisville, and is encouraging all citizens to "Ware" Cardinal red.

Here's a portion of the press release from the mayor's office:

I want to paint the town red -- literally. It's been an amazing, and lately very emotional, season for the Cards -- both the men and the women -- and we want the whole city to get behind them in their quest for national titles in Atlanta and New Orleans.

The city is abuzz with excitement over both men's and women's teams -- and the tremendous teamwork that brought them to this pinnacle of college basketball. Kevin Ware showed that, even in personal adversity, he put his teammates first, asking them to win the game, and they responded by rallying around him. The women's satisfying run in the tournament shows what a high-performance team can accomplish.

This is a special time to be a Louisvillian and to show your support for our hometown teams.

The mayor added that he would like for the city to break the world record for the most people wearing the color on the same day. Not sure if there's an actual record in place or how something like that could possibly be kept track of, but what the hell, let's do it.

Here's the official decree: