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Rick Pitino Talks About His Tattoo

It's been quite a day already for Rick Pitino, who is currently trending worldwide on Twitter after keeping the promise he made to his team by getting a Louisville tattoo on his back.

Earlier this morning, Pitino spoke with a few members of the media about the tattoo, which he had done at Tattoo Salvation on Bardstown Rd. Jody Demling was there and snapped this video.

Here's another shot of Pitino getting inked up by Adam Potts:


The fact that he's wearing standard Pitino business atire makes this, I think, one of the best pictures that has ever been posted on the site.

Also, via the Tattoo Salvation Facebook page, here are the tatts Potts did yesterday for other members of the staff.



All three men were beat in the race to get marked up by Jacqueline Pitino, who got this bad boy two weeks ago:


The Pitinos are single-handedly changing the tattoo game.

Is it weird if I go into Tattoo Salvation and just ask for "The Rick?" Should I get it on my right shoulder to be different? If I grimace do I just tell him to stop because clearly I'm not worthy of getting said tattoo.

Lot of things going on in my mind before noon today.