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Peyton Siva Gets Artsy

Andy Lyons

Ever wanted to own a portrait of Peyton Siva autographed by Peyton Siva? Well then the Friday to end all Fridays has come for you.

The "Paintin' Siva" Special Edition Art Print has just been released and is available for a limited time only. Hand-signed by Peyton Siva (2013 NCAA National Champion) and the artist, the print is of an original painting by renowned artist Aaron Kizer.

Printed on 100 lb. silk cover with dull aqueous coating, these high-quality prints acid free and archivable, and are limited to only five hundred and two prints, representing the 502 Louisville area code. Personally hand-signed by Peyton Siva and individually numbered, they are sure to only increase in value due to the limited supply and demand.

This special print was brought to you by Peyton Siva, Kizer Arts, Jonathan Hay Publicity and Birdgang Clothing Ltd. Co.

"As a lifelong Louisville Cardinal fan, it's amazing to actually be involved in this business venture with Peyton Siva. Peyton will receive a portion of all profits made from the sales of these prints, so besides this being the ultimate collector's item, it's also an opportunity for Louisville fans to give back to Siva for all that he has given to the city." - Jonathan Hay, publicist

One of Siva's many attributes is his uncanny speed on the basketball court, and likewise, artist Aaron Kizer is known for the same on the canvas. Kizer, a Nationally Recognized speed painter, was featured in Complex magazine for his portrait of John F. Kennedy, which he painted in less than 6 minutes. He was also featured on Yahoo! News for his painting of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, also painted in less than 6 minutes.

The University of Louisville Cardinals now have three National Championships under their belt, and that third win has a lot to do with #3 - Peyton Siva, the highly-touted point guard who led his team to their first school title in 27 years. "[Siva] dominated the tournament at the defensive end and ran his team to success," said head coach, Rick Pitino.

These exclusive prints are art gallery quality and will be the ultimate conversation piece wherever you hang it." - Sabrina Hale, Designer at Birdgang Clothing.

To order the "Paintin' Siva" Special Edition Art Print, visit or

Fifty percent (50%) of all the proceeds from this project will go directly to Peyton, in case you were curious.

Also, I'm pretty jealous I didn't think of "Paintin' Siva" for something first. Back to the drawing board.

Here are a few more details of the project in video form:

When the inevitable "Paintin' Siva Sr." masterpiece is painted, it better be of him in mid fist-bump...and I will buy 40.