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Wednesday Is Decision Day For Russ Smith

Andy Lyons

Russ Smith spoke briefly with members of the media following Monday night's All Sports Banquet at U of L and reiterated that he is still 50/50 on the decision to either leave early for the NBA or return to Louisville for his senior season.

Smith will meet with Rick Pitino on Tuesday to talk about what Pitino has heard from his connections in the NBA about Smith's draft prospects. Russ will then make a decision and announce it on Wednesday.

"If I were to leave, I'm leaving behind a great fan base," Smith said. "I'm leaving behind my education. I'm leaving behind some accolades I could get. I'm leaving behind my teammates. But if I stay, I'm leaving behind a year of potentially starting my career somewhere." ...

"Toughest one I've ever made," Smith said [of the decision]. "I didn't have that many colleges. When I got the University of Louisville (offer), it was a landslide. I came here. ... I've never made a decision this big in my life. I lose sleep. I've been losing sleep, especially the last week and a half. I've been trying to work out just to keep my mind off of it. It's really tough. It's not easy."

Russ returning is probably the difference between Louisville starting next season ranked somewhere around No. 10 and being a lock for a preseason top three ranking. That said, Russ has done more than enough here to demand our support with whatever he wants to do going forward. Cadinal fans will be behind him regardless of what he announces tomorrow.