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Hancock, Van Treese Shaving Beards For A Cause

Louisville's most famous beard is coming off.

Luke Hancock announced Monday night that he would be shaving the beard he sported during U of L's run to the national title in order to raise money for U of L's Relay for Life, a cause which helps support the American Cancer Society. He added that teammate Stephan Van Treese would be doing the same.

"Wednesday we're are going to do a little event at 5 'clock, trying to raise a little money for cancer," Hancock said. "I'm obviously going to get this shaved off finally, I think Stephan (Van Treese) is going be there, Mike's (Marra) going to be there, all the guys are pretty much going to go."

The Final Four's Most Outstanding Player is looking to raise a measly $5,000 for the cause. So far he's only received $865.

It's time to change that. Thank you in advance for your generosity.