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ACC Takes Large Step To Prevent Potential Raiding

Andy Lyons

The ACC has announced a Grant of Rights agreement among its 15 active members that should protect the conference from being raided until at least 2027 when its TV contract with ESPN runs out.

A Grant of Rights agreement involves all conference teams surrendering control of TV rights to the league. Basically, the ACC would retain its rights to a team's media revenue, even if that team left the conference. It's a much mor effective way to deter raiding than the $50 million exit fee that has been in place.

"This announcement further highlights the continued solidarity and commitment by our member institutions," said ACC commissioner John Swofford in a statement. "The Council of Presidents has shown tremendous leadership in insuring the ACC is extremely well positioned with unlimited potential."

Realignment madness is always a fear, but this is pretty great news for the ACC and for the future of U of L athletics.