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Louisville's Spring Game Attendance Ranked In Top 15


Spring Game attendance numbers are always, at best, ballpark figures. Two Saturdays ago I walked straight into Papa John's Cardinal Stadium while holding an outside beverage and didn't think twice about it. Pretty confident I didn't get counted in the "official" attendance tally.

U of L settled on the number 33,000 for its spring game attendance, and while plenty of outsiders will disagree, I actually thought the number was probably higher.

While the highest number of butts in seats at one time looked like it was about 33,000, there wasn't one second of that game where the dollar (and $4) beer lines weren't at least 25 minutes long. The concourse, the party deck and the front of the stadium where the games for kids were located were all as packed as they'd be during a regular season game. While that obviously isn't an ideal scenario for any home game, the fact remains that those folks were all still technically "in attendance."

Regardless of what the exact number was, there's no question that more people came out to see Louisville's spring game this year than they ever had before. Cardinal fans also represented in numbers that rank among the nation's elite...and Kentucky.

Her are the announced attendance figures for every spring game played through April 20:

Team Claimed attendance
Auburn 83401
Alabama 78315
Tennessee 61076
Nebraska 60174
Arkansas 51088
Kentucky 50831
Texas 46000
Texas A&M 45212
Georgia 45113
Ohio State 37643
South Carolina 35218
Louisville 33000
Notre Dame 31652
Clemson 30000
Virginia Tech 30000
Oklahoma 29200
LSU 28000
Ole Miss 28000
Penn State 28000
Florida State 27500
N.C. State 27500
Michigan State 22500
Mississippi State 21000
Missouri 18384
Michigan 18000
Texas Tech 16116
USC 15284
Iowa State 15000
North Carolina 15000
Oklahoma State 15000
Vanderbilt 14000
Wisconsin 12050
BYU 12000
Colorado 10244
Boise State 9146
Utah 8633
Washington State 8340
Maryland 8200
West Virginia 8000
Washington 7000
Western Kentucky 6500
Purdue 6427
Arizona State 6300
East Carolina 6294
Cal 5831
Louisiana Tech 5700
Duke 5213
Georgia Tech 5000
Middle Tennessee 5000
Nevada 5000
Texas State 4608
USF 4606
Stanford 4350
Wake Forest 4200
Arizona 4095
Syracuse 3822
Pitt 3642
Temple 3530
Baylor 3500
UConn 3200
Colorado State 3000
Utah State 3000
UTEP 2581
UTSA 2506
South Alabama 2281
Illinois 2100
UNLV 2100
Western Michigan 2045
Cincinnati 2000
Southern Miss 2000
Georgia State 1800
Tulsa 1200
Team Claimed attendance