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Kevin Ware Is Headed Back To Louisville

Andy Lyons

Kevin Ware is headed home.

The injured Louisville sophomore tweeted the following picture earlier today along with the text "Back to my brothers I go."


Ware also posted the photo on Instagram along with the caption "no saucy behavior for awhile. lol"...because he's the best.

Though there had been some doubt as to whether or not Ware would be able to accompany the team to Atlanta for the Final Four, it appears now that he will indeed be making the trip. He texted the Courier-Journal's Adam Himmelsbach the following this morning: "I should be leaving around 1 to go back to school. Then make my way to Atlanta tomorrow."

The positives that come with making the trip to the Final Four don't really need to be laid out here, but for Ware, I think the bigger thing might be just being able to be around his Louisville family again. I'm sure the Twitter shoutouts from celebrities have definitely helped cushion the blow, but healing from a situation as tough as this one requires at least some return to normalcy.

It's nice to know that Kevin's body is going to be where his heart would have been anyway.