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Louisville Basketball Gets Monday Night Raw Shoutout From WWE Champion

Andy Lyons

My professional wrestling fandom followed the same path as the majority of '90s kids.

I was obsessed with the WWF during the early part of the decade. I saw Hogan wrestle Slaughter at Freedom Hall, I cried when Earthquake sat on Jake the Snake's snake, and I had the biggest crush on Miss Elizabeth imaginable. After ignoring the federation for a handful of years, I hopped back on the train when The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind and company took the brand to its peak at the turn of the century.

I lost touch again once I got into high school, and I'll fully admit to having zero idea what the deal is with this whole Raw/Smackdown split. Still, I still think it's cool when the WWE champion gives Louisville a shoutout...especially when he's a heel.

That's what happened last night on Monday Night Raw when current champ Dolph Ziggler took the mic.

If this would have been at Rupp Arena then I would have started watching wrestling again just to cheer for this guy. Ok, I wouldn't, but I'd buy a shirt or something. Ok, I wouldn't, but I'd say "oh yeah I like that guy, he gave Louisville a shoutout at Rupp Arena" if I ever heard the name "Dolph Ziggler" in passing.

I don't know what "showing off" he's referring to (Trez? That's just God-given, bro), but I still love this.