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Kevin Ware Gets Name-Dropped In Latest Jay-Z Single


Jay-Z's latest release, "Open Letter Pt. II," created a bit of a stir earlier this week when a couple of lines regarding his relationship with President Obama resulted in a question about their validity during a White House press briefing.

For Louisville fans, however, the song is most notable for the following lines uttered by Hip-Hop icon, Common:

Media saying shit that isn't there
But we fall down and get back up, Kevin Ware

That's right, two months ago the major rumor was that Kevin Ware was off the team for good, and now he's a "national inspiration" who's won a national championship and gets casually name-dropped in Jay-Z/Common tracks. Even though HOVA has aligned himself with the enemy in recent years, that's still pretty cool.

Oh, and if you hadn't already seen his picture from earlier today, Kevin's already working on his return to the court.


For those interested in listening to the song (lyrics are not safe for work or school) and hearing the Kevin name-drop, you can do so right here.