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Rick Pitino Has Settled On A Tattoo

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Andy Lyons

Outside of which players are leaving for the NBA and which are staying, the major subject of debate in the wake of Louisville's third national championship has been what tattoo Rick Pitino will get and where he will get it.

Though the possibilities are endlessly hilarious, Pitino ended the mystery on Thursday.

The 60-year-old Louisville coach revealed that he'll make good on his promise and get a tattoo after the team's NCAA championship. Pitino will get a cardinal and the words "2013 champions" tattooed on his left shoulder.

At midseason, Pitino told the Cardinals that he'd get the ink if they cut down the nets in Atlanta.

"I said it ... not believing this was going to be a reality but I am going to get it," Pitino told CBS News. "I'm a man of my word."

I still think there's a way to work crying Digger Phelps in there somehow.