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Pitino: Smith and Dieng Headed To NBA, Behanan Returning


Rick Pitino spoke briefly with members of the media following today's championship celebration and said that while juniors Russ Smith and Gorgui Dieng are headed to the NBA, he expects sophomore Chane Behanan to return for another season.

Pitino, who had previously said that he was "98 percent" sure Dieng was leaving, told's Jeff Goodman that The Gorgster was now "definitely" gone. This news comes after multiple reports on Monday night that Dieng was leaning towards returning to Louisville next season.

As for Behanan, Pitino told Goodman that "he would be surprised" if the Bowling Green High product wasn't wearing red and black in 2013-14.

I think we all know how these things go. What's a sure thing one way right now might very well be a sure thing the other way in three weeks.