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Championship Game, Post-Game Celebration Picture and Video Containment Thread

Bookmark this page, visit it often over the summer.

Streeter Lecka

The Louisville Cardinals won the National Championship Monday night. Were you not aware? It's true: there are pictures and videos and errrrrrything. Many of them are awesome, such as:

Since I was traveling most of the day yesterday and have not been able to sit down and breathe, I have not had a chance to find all of the best shots of our team celebrating, singing We Are The Champions, cool in-game photos, players hugging, etc.

So, please consider this the official CardChronicle In-Game and Post-Game celebration thread. Go nuts posting GIFs, pictures, videos, links to videos, whatever you want involving the game and the celebration.

We'll have new threads up with the Villen championship game video goes up (Mother of God), when the G6 and CrumsRevenge videos go up (Mother of God) and when all the other fans out there who do these things, and we are eternally, eternally grateful for their time, post things over the next few weeks. So keep an eye out for that.

But go ahead and bookmark this page and visit it pretty much every day over the summer and fall.