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Video: Kevin Ware Tribute

Fairly overlooked in all of this is the fact that Kevin Ware was playing easily the best basketball of his Cardinal career when this happened.

Multiple times over the past couple of weeks I'd asked aloud, "when did Kevin get good?" It's not that he wasn't good before, it's just that he was never an all-around player.

Seemingly out-of-nowhere, Kevin went from a player who could frustrate opposing teams with his length and hit the occasional jump shot to one who brought the same defensive pressure but was also playing with amazing confidence on the offensive end of the floor.

Anyway, here's a terrific video on Ware - complete with multiple highlights of is trademark "hit the backboard" rebound - from "TheLouisvilleShow" on YouTube. It makes you realize how many key plays this guy has made for the Cards down the stretch.

We're really going to miss having him - and his saucy behavior - out there this weekend.