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2013 Louisville football schedule released

Louisville's 2013 football schedule was released today. The Cardinals' final season in the Big East.

Andy Lyons

After months of wrangling and constant moving by schools in and out of the Big East conference, the 2013 Louisville football schedule has been released.

Sat., Aug. 31


Sat., Sept. 7

Eastern Kentucky

Sat., Sept. 14

at Kentucky

Sat., Sept. 21

Florida International

Sat., Oct. 5

at Temple *

Thu., Oct. 10

Rutgers * (ESPN)

Fri., Oct. 18


Sat., Oct. 26

at USF *

Fri., Nov. 8

at Connecticut * (ESPN/ESPN2)

Sat., Nov. 16

Houston *

Sat., Nov. 23

Memphis *

Thu., Dec. 5

at Cincinnati * (7:30 pm, ESPN)

A couple of things worth pointing out.

  • There are four weeknight games on the schedule. Two Friday night games (UCF at home, at UConn) and two Thursday night games (Rutgers at home in October and at Cincinnati on to end the season). Can't blame ESPN for wanting to highlight the "old" Big East games with their weeknight slots.
  • The talk of adding a prominent non-conference opponent will end now. Unfortunately Louisville and ESPN just couldn't work out a deal to organize a game like that for Louisville given that most other schools were already locked in.
  • Not thrilled about facing Rutgers on five days rest, however, Rutgers is doing the same thing. So I guess it evens out. Conversely, Louisville will get an extra day to prepare for UCF at home the following week.
  • I know fans will gripe about the schedule and they'll gripe about the weeknight games, but there's something everyone should keep in mind. If you're going to be favored in every game, and most likely face eleven unranked teams, you're better off facing them on a weeknight when you're the only game on television and can't possibly draw an audience. If all twelve games were on Saturdays, they'd almost all get buried in the bigger games of that particular week.
  • Keep those season tickets, kids. I know the schedule won't thrill many, but, the 2014 schedule will have rival Kentucky, Florida State, and probably Virginia Tech on it. So grin and bear it for a year and enjoy one more season of Teddy Bridgewater.