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Digger Phelps Doesn't Deserve His Job

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

During his pre-tournament press conference on Tuesday, Rick Pitino was only willing to part with one piece of advice for the millions of Americans filling out NCAA Tournament brackets.

"All you have to do is go away from Digger and you have a great chance of winning," Pitino said. "Because he is never right...that man knows nothing."

In the bracket he released earlier this week, Phelps has Louisville losing to Saint Louis in the Sweet 16. He also predicted Miami to beat Georgetown in the national championship game, which is impossible since the pair would have to play in the national semifinals first. As for his title pick, Phelps justified going with the Hurricanes because of the play of "Shane Lawson." There is no player named Shane Lawson on Miami's roster.

When he heard about Pitino's comments, Phelps - who typically stumbles when trying to make the simplest of points and then overcompensates by loudly agreeing with the next person who talks while they're still in the middle of their statement - couldn't help but respond.

Well, Louisville losing to Saint Louis "in the second round" isn't possible, since technically the second round starts tomorrow with the Cards taking on North Carolina A&T. It also isn't possible in the way you were thinking it was, since it's impossible for U of L to meet the Billikens in the third round either.

You don't deserve your job.

We may as well just rename the 2012-13 Least Cool Person Tournament "The Digger Phelps Invitational."