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Louisville Starts March With Huge Road Win Over Syracuse

Nate Shron

Welcome to March, folks.

Louisville did what no team in college basketball has seemed to be able to do over the past month by beating a quality opponent on the road. The Cards also did what they haven't been able to do at any point over the past two months by winning a close game in the final minute.

Toss in the fact that U of L had a pair of extremely questionable calls go against them with the game on the line, and, well...



There's reason to be excited.

Luke Hancock, the guy who got more ish from the fans than just about any player I can ever remember at the beginning of the season, gave one of the more clutch performances in recent memory. He made a key steal in the final minute and then consolidated with a contested three to put Louisville ahead for good. Russ Smith, Gorgui Dieng and Kevin Ware also deserve their fair share of praise.

Rick, thoughts?

Let's all enjoy this one for the rest of the day.