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Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge Part II

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Ok, so the first CC Bracket Challenge group has hit its maximum number of participants, and I've made the executive decision to go ahead and open up a second one.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Deuce Brand and Big Time Yurts have put together a sexy prize package for another winner. The victor of group two will receive will receive four official Deuce Brand U of L watches as well as five shirts and two hoodies of your choice from BTY.




The second group will also be run through Yahoo. Just enter the league ID (178460) and password (gorgui) to sign up.

Folks who participated in the last contest are more than welcome to sign up for group two, just know that this is a first come, first serve situation. If the second contest group fills up between now and Thursday morning, there will not be a third one.

Be sure to follow Deuce Brand on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Bg Time Yurts, which is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Best of luck to you all.