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The 2013 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge

Trez is excited.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We're going with Yahoo! once again, but this year we've spiced things up with a sweet prize package for the winner.

Here's how you get involved.


1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go here and click "Join a Group."

3. Type in the league ID (129567) and league password ("gorgui") to get into the group.

4. Fill out your bracket.


  • Please note that the bracket "locks" on Thursday morning, which means the "first" round play-in games on Tuesday & Wednesday will not be scored on this contest. Translation: you have until Thursday morning to finalize your brackets, Mr./Ms. Procrastinator (looking at you again, Leigh).

The most creative name will, as always receive 900,000 Chron points and the respect of the committee. Also, we're again thrilled to announce that Card Chronicle and Yahoo! have teamed up and are prepared to give $5 million to anyone who picks every game of the tournament correctly.

Additionally, this year's winner will receive a prize package consisting of:

--One Throw Your L's Up (Graffiti Style) tee with the Cardinal Bird Logo on the front of the shirt (available in red, black, purple or green Fits both men and women) from I am BirdGang.
--A BirdGang Limited Edition His & Hers We Are That Sweetheart Set. Includes two tees, one for Him and one for Her. .
--One of BirdGang's L's Up (Big Hand) tees in red or black (with a v-neck option for black shirts).
--A 16x20 Print by Card Chronicle photographer Brandon Pry.
--Two official Sugar Bowl champion posters from U of L.






Big thanks to the crew at I am BirdGang (check out their new website), Brandon Pry and, of course, the fine folks at U of L for spicing up the pot this season. Best of luck to all who enter.