The Cardinal Guide To Fayette County

Greetings from fabulous Lexington! As CARDS fans traverse to the state's second city this week, we would like to provide you some basic information to make your stay here as lovely as possible.


  • Getting into town early or want some grub after the big Cardinals' win? Well, Lexington is well known for it's fine cuisine... such as the Applebee's at New Circle and Richmond Rd.
  • Fine Dining Downtown:
    • Portifinos (it's Italian, ya know, like your all's coach)
    • Dudleys ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$- did I make myself clear?
    • Jonathan's at Gratz Park
    • Bellini's (another Italian joint! [insert typical BBN Sypher reference here])
    • J Morse on Vine Bistro (I'm just Google mapping it now... really no clue)
  • Decent Dining:
    • Cheapside (on the site of a former slave auction house... ah, the history)
    • deShas
    • Passo's (down Limestone Street a bit by the state's flagship university's campus)
    • Blue Agave Cantina (Mexican in Lexintan)
    • Village Host Pizza is where the Central KY UofL Alumni Association does its watch parties... great joint, nice staff, but a bit away from Rupp.
  • Drunk o'clock Dining:
    • Goodfellas Pizza (almost as good as Spinelli's)
    • Sam's Hotdog Stand (usually only daytime)
    • McDonalds on South Limestone
  • Hungover Next Day
    • Ramseys... its incredible
    • Saul Good's... not near downtown, but their chicken and waffles are delicious


  • The Pavillion is a collection of bars downtown. Sadly, the students are back in session from Spring Break and will likely get into plenty of fights, so probably best just to avoid this area, though they do have:
    • Wildcat Saloon... never go here
    • Cheapside... see above, quite nice
    • Sky Bar... only for creepy 55 year old dudes with 25 year old escorts and desperate 55 year old ladies with their gay 30 year old boyfriends
    • Bluegrass Tavern... always packed, impossible to get a drink
  • Next to Rupp:
    • There are several hotel bars (Hyatt, Hilton), and the Victorian Square Center has some dives
    • Highly recommend the Toasted Barrell
  • Away from Downtown:
    • Campus Pub down Broadway is great for UofL game watching
    • Pazzo's, but they're pretty close to the Lion's Den of BBN
    • Shamrocks off Richmond
    • Lynagh's off Euclid
    • Louisville, Kentucky is always a good place to watch a UofL game


  • If you want to be fancy, book early. There are some decent joints around Rupp, such as:
  • Cheaper Sleeping
    • A park bench
    • I got a place here in town, just hit me up in the comments section
    • The Holiday Inn Express
    • Call your girlfriend in Okolona to come pick your ass up


  • Please don't end up here



  • Lexington was founded in 1775 and was known as the "Athens of the West" for it's learned minds and obsession with pre-pubescent boys
  • Horses, plowing mules, tobacco exchange, and slavery a happy workforce were the backbone of the city's economy!
  • In 1869, the University of Kentucky was founded and immediately won the NCAA basketball title before the sport was invented
  • We have a gay mayor... as in he has a committed relationship with another man, not like the 1990's insult you used against the nerdy kid in grade school who read books during recess... that kids was soooo gay
  • We have no interstates and driving around here is like constantly being stuck on the old ring road out of Freedom Hall

We certainly hope you enjoy your visit to our city!


  • Greetings from Fabulous Indianapolis! The home former home of Peyton Manning, David Letterman, and Mark Summer from "Family Double Dare"
  • Greetings From Fabulous Atlanta! Please don't burn our city down, we went through that once already