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Rick Pitino, Chane Behanan Preview Saturday's Game Against Notre Dame

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Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Rick Pitino

--Louisville will be leaving for Notre Dame on game day. It's not that big a deal, they used to fly on game day all the time when he was at Kentucky. They also had to do it against UConn last month because of the weather.

--Told Russ that any guard in New York City could have made the dunk he did against Rutgers. Thought his one earlier in the season was more impressive.

--They've been working with Gorgui on keeping the ball in play when he blocks shots. If he can guide the ball toward his teammates and start a fast break, it will help us immensely.

--Notre Dame is always good because they get four year players. They can avoid down periods because they just keep reloading with experience.

--It's going to be a very good basketball game. We both have good interior people, they're a better shooting team, but I'm hoping we're better in a few areas.

--We're expecting a great environment. Notre Dame always has a good home crowd, and we expect them to be very revved up with GameDay in town.

--This team doesn't get rattled on the road. The crowd won't effect us. If we lose to Notre Dame it will be because Notre Dame played better than we did.

--You want to win every game, but everything is judged by the postseason. It's all about playing your best basketball at the right time. You can even look at the football season. We lost a couple of games we didn't expect to, but then we have the best win ever in the Sugar Bowl over the No. 3 team in the country.

--Some coaches don't agree, but I've always thought that winning conference tournaments is a big deal.

--Wayne Blackshear doesn't really care about starting or things like that. He will start against Notre Dame.

--He said the right things, but Russ Smith didn't like it when he didn't start. You learn things like that. He deserves to start and so he's back in the starting lineup.

--He's very concerned about the changes to the academic standards that are coming in 2016. Thinks the new NCAA requirements are culturally biased and really unfair.

--Stephan Van Treese is the only player on the team who really likes contact.

--Chane needs to pay better attention to the scouting report. If he had, he would have known that spin-dribbling against Villanova, Marquette or Rutgers was going to result in a turnover.

--Peyton's a very smart basketball player. He knows when he's done something wrong.

--I was amazed at the pass at the end of the Indiana/Illinois game. That was a pretty special pass.

--There are a lot of good teams in college basketball, but there are going to be four teams who peak at the right time. This could be the craziest tournament we've ever seen. This could be the year a No 16 seed beats a No. 1. It's a lot of fun right now.

Chane Behanan

--Sits down with a Big Mac and immediately says "I need a water."

--Expecting a great environment with GameDay in town. Has played one GameDay game before, but doesn't remember who it was (at Pitt last year).

--Leaving on game day won't bother anyone but Gorgui. Gorgui loves his sleep.

--We've been working a lot at box out drills and free-throws in practice.

--He's been working on going up strong and eliminating the power dribble. Knows he needs to get the ball and just go up strong right away.

--Russ told everybody to watch SportsCenter after the Rutgers game because he knew his dunk was going to be on there.