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Louisville Uses Big Second Half To Roll Over Rutgers, 68-48

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After a first half performance that was difficult to watch more often than it wasn't, Louisville looked like the familiar Cardinals of February in a dominating second half effort that allowed it to walk out of the RAC with a 68-48 win.

The biggest constant of the evening was Wayne Blackshear's offense. The sophomore forward did not start for the second straight game since returning from his most recent shoulder injury, but buried 7-of-11 shots from the field to finish with a career-high 19 points.

Blackshear's hot shooting was especially crucial in the first half, as U of L once again to get points out of its halfcourt offense and limped into the locker room with a 28-26 lead.

The Cards made it clear very quickly that things were not going to be the same in the second half. Blackshear and Peyton Siva hit back-to-back threes and then Rutgers turned the ball over on three straight possessions to help Louisville balloon its lead to 13 before the the under 16 timeout could even take place. When the smoke cleared, U of L had gone on a 23-2 run and the game was undoubtedly out of reach for the Scarlet Knights.

The Good:

--Russ dunk (watch SportsCenter)


--Trez oop from Siva


--Gorgui nearing almost matching a career-high with six blocks (they originally gave hin seven)

--Gorgui's passing

--Russ Smith Sr. looks like he's 25-years-old

--Luke Hancock is still king of the "F you, this is now a blowout" three-pointer

--Peyton Siva: seven assists, one turnover

--February Louisville is happening

The Bad:

--Chane Dribble

--Chane Spin

--SVT playing time

--Gorgui still looking hesitant on offense

--There's a little discrepancy between what the RU student section was chanting at Wayne. It sounded to me like "you are ugly," which is ridiculous (man has incredible eyes). Others said it was "you are hungry." If that's true, it's the greatest thing Rutgers University has ever done. Ever.

--Trez had just two rebounds in 17 minutes

--Russ again forced the issue too much in the game's first five minutes, a period which is the most to blame for his 3-for-11 shooting performance

Here's your box score:


More in the morning.