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National Signing Day: Four-Star Miami DB Lamar Robbins Sticks With South Florida

Andy Lyons

The first major news of Louisville's 2013 national signing day is in, and it's worth a frown..

Lamar Robbins, a four-star cornerback out of Miami who had been showing interest in Louisville, has decided to stick with South Florida. He also had offers from Auburn, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan State, Texas A&M and Arkansas, among others.

Robbins' elite combination of size (6'3, 188-pounds) and skill could have resulted in him being one of the few players in this class who saw the field early on in his Cardinal career. He's a solid open field tackler and has the ability to battle with bigger receivers for jump balls, an area where Louisville corners struggled mightily at times this past season.

Lamont Green, Robbins' high school coach, believed his former player was firm in his commitment to USF as recently as Tuesday, and was ultimately proven right.

"I'm pretty sure now that he is going to go to South Florida. All indications point that way," Green said. "I haven't heard anything different from speaking to him as of this morning. This morning, it was all South Florida.

"I just picked up four hats and a couple of T-shirts for his family. All South Florida," Green added.

Louisville now turns its focus to four-star linebacker Jermaine Grace's decision this afternoon.