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Camo Jerseys Are Coming For Louisville Basketball

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So it appears the rumors that the Louisville basketball team will be donning new camo uniforms this March are true.


My first reaction is...well I'm not really sure what that is. Is it the shorts? Is it part of the jersey? I suppose it's anyone's guess, because all that really looks like is part of an unfinished SB Nation logo.

Apparently, the final product is going to look something like this on the left:


I'm not the biggest fan (read: I f'ing hate it), but let's remember how anti the infra-red almost all of us were a year ago. Winning makes anything cool, and if this team win big in March then we'll all be looking for ways to score camo compression jerseys for ourselves.

Also, if there's a saving grace to any of this, it's the fact that we're all about to be privy to Camo Compression Logan Baumann. There's always a reason to be excited.